Postgraduate Fellowship in Animal Osteopathy – FCAOA

Postgraduate Fellowship in Animal Osteopathy – FCAOA

Canadian Animal Osteopathic Association

Postgraduate Fellowship Speciality Program in Animal Osteopathy

Thank you for your interest in the postgraduate fellowship specialty program in Animal Osteopathy of the National University of Medical Sciences (USA). This Veterinary osteopathy program is offered online (worldwide). Our Admissions department is eager to help you in any way we can. We invite you to contact NUMSS (admissions@numss.us)and ask us any questions you may have. All video lecture classes are online & in English. The lectures are available on-demand online through internet or they may be watched on a TV screen by using a portable hard drive that is shipped to students. Campus attendance is not required and students from all countries are eligible to apply. Graduates of NUMSS (USA) animal osteopathy program are eligible to work as animal osteopaths in most countries. In USA and USA our graduates work as animal manual osteopaths. NUMSS (USA) students in Canada and some other countries are eligible to receive tuition and textbooks tax credit from their tax authorities as we are accepted as a foreign university by the Canadian government as well as a number of other countries. Students from most other countries are eligible to use the tuition as a business expense to reduce their annual business income tax. The program is one semester online for all students. Tuition is $3850 (US dollars) and includes the costs of external hard drive, transcript and printed certificate.

Why Choose Animal Osteopathy?

Animal osteopathy (also known as veterinary osteopathy) is a growing career field that is rapidly gaining recognition with pet owners. It has been popular for quite some time in the equine industry,particularly with racing horses. There are many reasons veterinarians, physicians, osteopaths, manual osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and others choose to attend our program and become an animal manual osteopath. Some of these highly individual reasons include a personal calling and their love for animals, to have more therapeutic tools to help animals and to increase their income. There are also a large number of dog, cat & horse owners taking this program to help their own pets with regular osteopathic care without planning to make animal osteopathy a career.

Why Choose to Study Animal Osteopathy at NUMSS (USA)?

Because National University of Medical Sciences prepares you to be the most successful animal manual osteopath. Our program is techniques oriented. You will become an animal manual osteopath ready to practice in the real world. Our animal osteopathy program is one semester (560 hours), online, and affordable. Upon successful completion of the program alumni will be awarded the title of FCAOA (Fellow of the Canadian Animal Osteopathic Association).

Undergraduate Admissions

This postgraduate fellowship specialty program in animal osteopathy is open only to doctors of veterinary medicine, osteopaths, manual osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, physicians, and other health professionals.

Curriculum for postgraduate fellowship specialty program in animal osteopathy (6 months, 1 semester– 560 hours total)

AA 101 Animal Anatomy & biomechanics
AN 101 Animal Nutrition
AB 101 Animal Botanical medicine
AP 101 animal pathology & differential diagnosis
AS 101 animal Manual Osteopathic Skills
AT 101 animal Manual Osteopathic Techniques
AR 101 animal skeletal Radiology
TH 101 Research Project and Thesis
Veterinarians are exempted from AN101, AP101, and AR101 courses.

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