Touring a Medical School on Behalf of NUMSS
Dr Pourgol with Dr Paul, director of Richmond Gabriel University

Touring a Medical School on Behalf of NUMSS

Did you know the Richmond Gabriel University, located in St. Vincent Island in the Caribbean offers an MD program that is accepted in Canada, the United States, UK and most other countries? Did you know its graduates have been accepted for residency in the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic in the United States, the two most prestigious residency programs in the world?
I am grateful to my friend, physician Dr Paul, director of the Richmond Gabriel University for accepting the osteopathy graduates of National University of Medical Sciences (USA) into their accelerated MD program (NUMSS alumni get 1 year off the MD program). After my work is finished in the Cayman Islands, I plan to visit St. Vincent Island as I have been officially invited to tour the medical school. I am so excited!
Dr. Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD
NUMSS (Spain) President