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DPT in India

DPT in India

DPT program in India (Online)

Qualified physiotherapists in India have the option of taking the postgraduate DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) program of National University of Medical Sciences (USA) through online education across India.1-Dr Ali Irani

Online DPT Education

Indian physiotherapists can enter the transitional DPT program of NUMSS (USA) through 100% online education with optional one week of practical training at the end of each semester. The online DPT education is open to all Indian physiotherapists who meet the admissions criteria.  To receive our information package please email us at admissions@numss.us .

Admission Prerequisites
The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program of NUMSS (USA) in India is open only to physiotherapists. Those with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy or physical therapy can complete the online or on-campus DPT program in two years (4 semesters). Those with a master’s degree or equivalent in physiotherapy or physical therapy can complete the program in 1 year (2 semesters). Applicants with a PhD in physiotherapy or equivalent will receive advance credits to complete the program in six months (1 semester). Our online and on-campus DPT program is open to all physiotherapists who are members of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.


Tuition fee is $3,850 (US dollars) per semester ($7,700 per year). Tuition includes one printed copy of degree certificate, one printed copy of transcript, one external hard drive containing all the lecture videos and available course noted, and one week of optional practical technique class in Mumbai (India), Madrid (Spain), or Panama City. Tuition is same for online and on-campus programs. Scholarships are provided to qualified students excelling in first semester towards tuition fees of the second semester.

Paid clinical internship at a number of hospitals in Mumbai is available for selected qualified Indian physiotherapists (based on availability) who are members of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.



To view the DPT curriculum please click on: http://www.numss.us/course/postgraduate-doctor-of-physical-therapy-program-tdpt/


NUMSS (USA) was registered with the Department of States on March 02, 2016. Its license has been renewed by the Secretary of States on February 28, 2017. The registration number of NUMSS (USA) is P16000020575. Interested individuals who wish to get confirmation from the Department of States can do so free of charge by using the following government website: https://services.sunbiz.org/Filings/CertificateOfStatus/CertificateAuthentication. Once in the website enter the tracking number of NUMSS (USA) which is CC5084243591. A copy of NUMSS (USA) registration will then be shown to you for inspection, which you can also download.

APTA Membership

NUMSS (USA) post professional DPT students in India are eligible to join the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as international members. International APTA members receive free online access to Physical Therapy (PTJ), PT in Motion magazine, the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, and PTNow. International APTA members also receive APTA Member pricing on national conference registrations, publications, and continuing education opportunities.

For our DPT graduates in India, we will obtain APTA membership and pay your first year membership dues.


US & Canada Tax Credit

Indian students who are residents of Canada are eligible to receive tuition and textbooks tax credit from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as NUMSS is accepted as a foreign university by the Canadian government. Indian students who reside in the United States of America are eligible to use the expenses associated with obtaining NUMSS (USA) DPT degree to reduce business income tax. In most other countries NUMSS (USA) tuition can also be used as business expenses to lower business tax.


Class Start Date

Classes start twice per year on September 03 and February 03 of each year. Each semester runs for approximately 4 months. Practical technique classes for online students run in January and July of each year (one week per semester).


Registration Deadline

Registration deadline is August 15th and January 15th of each year.


How to Register

The first step is to submit a fully-completed application form for admission. You may obtain an application from the NUMSS (USA) website or by contacting the registrar’s office at admissions@numss.us so one could be emailed to you. The application for admission must include:

  1. A properly completed application for admission. Please type or print neatly
  2. An application processing fee of $250 (US dollar). This fee is non-refundable and must be submitted with the application for admission. If transferring through bank; please contact the registrar for our bank account information. Alternatively you may pay by credit cards or through PayPal. You may also use e-Transfer, certified cheque, money orders and bank drafts.”
  3. Copies of official transcripts from the post-secondary institutions you studied physiotherapy.
  4. Two passport size photos that have been taken within one year of the application date; if mailing the application. If sending the application by email, one photograph is enough.

For faster application process please scan and email all requested documents and application form to admissions@numss.us. You can also mail them if you wish to:

National University of Medical Sciences (USA)

Calle Velazquez, 15

1° Derecha, 28001

Madrid, España

Payment Methods

To apply for the DPT program of National University of Medical Sciences (USA) please complete the application form and mail or email it with the required documents to NUMSS (USA) along with the non-refundable application processing fee of $250. You may pay the application fee and the tuition by using your credit card (visa, Master Card, American Express). Alternatively you may pay by a personal cheque, business cheque, certified cheque, bank draft or money order (Payable to National University Of Medical Sciences). You can also open a free account with PayPal and send the payment to admissions@numss.us.  You can also pay using Paypal or credit card by visiting our payment page at: http://www.numss.us/tution/payment-methods.

You can also send the payment through debit e-Transfer if your bank offers this service. If instead you prefer to direct deposit the payment to NUMSS (USA) bank account please contact us for the bank account information. Our bank account is with the Bank of America. Please do not mail cash as it is not accepted.
We will acknowledge the receipt of your application within one week of receiving it.




DPT Tuition (online ) DPT Duration (online )
Students with bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy


$3,850 per semester, $15,400 total 2 years (4 semesters)
Students with master’s degree in physiotherapy


$3,850 per semester, $7,700 total 1 year (2 semesters)
Students with PhD degree in physiotherapy


$3,850 per semester, $3,850 total 6 months (1 semester)