Master of Science in Athletic Therapy Program – MSc (AT)
Atheletic Therapy

Master of Science in Athletic Therapy Program – MSc (AT)

Thank you for your interest in the NUMSS (USA) Master of Science in Athletic Therapy degree program. Our Admissions department is eager to help you in any way we can. We invite you to contact NUMSS (USA) and ask us any questions you may have about this program. We offer MSc (AT) program both 100% online (tuition $7,000 for the entire program). This program can be taken worldwide and is available to anyone who meets the prerequisites, regardless of their nationalities. There are optional on-site week-long (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, 5 days per week) practical technique classes in Toronto (Ontario) and/or Madrid (Spain) available to online students free of charge (one week per semester).


The online video lecture classes are available on-demand to be watched once you are issued a password and user ID. They can be paused, and viewed as often as needed. You need high speed internet to be able to watch the video lectures online. You will also receive an external hard drive that includes all the video lectures for this program that enables you to view the video lectures offline.

This program enables students to graduate as Athletic Therapists in USA (degree is issued from United States). Graduate are able to seek employment legally in the US or open their own private athletic therapy clinic. Graduates cannot call themselves athletic trainers in USA as the term “athletic trainer” is regulated. We teach athletic therapy (Canadian style) as compared to athletic training (American style).

Canadian NUMSS (USA) students are eligible to receive tuition and textbooks tax credit from the Canadian Revenue Agency as NUMSS (USA) is accepted as a foreign university by the Canadian government.


Why Choose Athletic Therapy?

What many people think of as Sports Medicine is actually Athletic Therapy. The Athletic Therapists works with physicians and other medical personnel, employers, patients, parents, guardians, and athletic personnel in the development and coordination of efficient and responsive health care delivery systems. Athletic Therapists are integral members of the health care team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional sports teams, sports medicine clinics, MVA rehabilitation clinics, WSIB clinics, assessment centers, gyms, health clubs, corporate /industrial, and other health care settings. Athletic Therapists may also open their own health clinics or health clubs.

Why Choose to Study Athletic Therapy at NUMSS (USA)?

Because our 100% online program is ideal for the working professionals as they will have the flexibility to study at the time they wish without leaving home. As there is no need to attend a classroom (for those choosing the online MSc (AT) program), they can watch the lectures at the comfort of their homes. Students from anywhere in the world can become Athletic Therapists without spending a large sum on the costs associated with daily travel. NUMSS (USA) athletic therapy program tuition is kept low to make the program affordable to all students ($7,000 for the entire program).

Undergraduate Admissions

The prerequisite to enter the Master of Science in Athletic Therapy program is having a bachelor’s degree (in any field). If you do not possess a bachelor’s degree you may concurrently take the MSc (AT) program as a dual degree with the Bachelor of Science in osteopathic Manual Practice degree offered by National University of Medical Sciences (USA). The MSc (AT) program can also be taken concurrently as a dual or triple degree with any other degree program offered by NUMSS (USA).

Curriculum for the Master of Science in Athletic Therapy Program (1 year, 2 semesters)

1st Year (1st semester) 1st Year (2nd semester)
AT501 Athletic Therapy Techniques AS502 Athletic Therapy Skills
AM501 Athletic Therapy Theory& Methods  AC502 Athletic Therapy Clinic Management
PA501 Physical Assessment PT502 Physiological Therapeutics & Exercises
AP501 Athletic Therapy Principles, Practice, Ethics & Jurisprudence SM502 Sports Medicine
FA501 Fitness Assessments and Health Promotion TT502 Orthopedic Taping Techniques
CB501 Clinical Biomechanics TH502 Research Project & Thesis
CN501 Clinical Nutrition

Optional class: Practical on-site lab (techniques review, 1 week, 5 days, 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, in  Madrid & Toronto)

Optional class: Practical on-site lab (techniques review, 1 week, 5 days, 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, in  Madrid & Toronto)

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