DBM Phytotherapy
Dr Sherry Essnaashari - NUMSS DBM professor

DBM Phytotherapy

Free Access to 12 DBM Phytotherapy Lectures
We have uploaded to our online video server the 12 advanced Therapeutic Phytotherapy lectures Professor Sherry Essnaashari has recorded for the Doctor of Botanical Medicine (DBM) we offer. The lectures are provided free of charge to our DBM graduates as well as our current DBM students.

Doctor of Botanical Medicine is one of the most popular programs we offer to health professionals as it complements what they do and is quite popular by patients who seek alternative care while also giving a competitive edge to their practices as well providing a passive source of income.

Special emphasis in these lectures are given on medical ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology, detoxification and parasites, respiratory conditions, endocrine system, phytotherapy first aid, lymphatic and immune systems, neurodegenerative disorders, digestive health, mental health and geriatric conditions.