New Faculty Member
Dr Daniel Pugh

New Faculty Member

Osteopath and therapist, Dr Daniel Pugh, BSc (Psych), MA, DO, a graduate of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) has joined our faculty as a professor for our new Master of Science in Eastern Psychology program.

Dr. Pugh has lived and worked in numerous countries as therapist for the past 30 years. Currently he works as an osteopath and therapist in the sacred valley of Ecuador called Vilcabamba, a spa valley renowned for longevity, healing waters and clean air in the Sierra of the lower Andes, the ideal location where many people come to heal. For National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) he will teach a course on The 5 Elements in Eastern Psychology: Theory and Clinical practice.

Course description:
This advanced course provides an in-depth exploration of 5 Element theory and its clinical applications in the field of Eastern Psychology. Students will gain a profound understanding of the Five Elements, their impact on human psychology, and how to effectively utilize this knowledge in clinical settings. In this course we will unpackage each Element and consider their integrations. We will look at how imbalance in the elements affects human psychology, and how to regain balance through meditation, breathwork and movement. This is an interactive and participatory course.

We welcome Dr. Pugh to our faculty and are honored to have this experienced health professional with us as a professor.